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About us


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 We are a female band with variable geometry around the violin, but also a company of production of musical events and entertainment.
We offer you a tailor-made, original, and turnkey production: from creative design to actual production.

Through our quest for artistic and musical excellence at your service, we want to offer our clients a musical and cultural experience with emotional dimensions for exceptional events.
Euterpe Paris never ceases to work to offer you more originality, beauty, creativity, and refinement, during tailor-made services.




Our repertoire runs entirely Live. Rich in our musical proposal, we offer various performances among which are represented: classical music, pop/current rock music, world music, and film music.

Feminine elegance, sensitivity, and emotion form the identity of the Euterpe group.


  • Our group is a small, exclusive group of artists and artisans.        

• We only accept a very limited number of events each year.
• You are in direct contact with the producer who is also the artistic director.

Recognized in the world of music and high-end events, Euterpe Paris has accompanied prestigious events in places such as The Palace of Versailles, the Castle of Vaux-Le-Vicomte, the Castle of Chantilly, the Palace of Shangri-La, the Peninsula, the Ritz, the Meurice, George V, Crillon ...

​What can we do for you?

We offer tailor-made services: Shows, Sound Design, Live Music, Live Background music, private and public concerts, musical performances, concerts in historical costumes, design, and entertainment creation.


The services we offer are turnkey: from the design of the performance to the realization of costumes
and sets, but also the sound system and sound management. 

Euterpe Paris can organize and produce several services for your event, whether it takes place over
one or several days.


For what occasions can we accompany you?
Wedding: Mariage Proposal, secular or religious wedding ceremony, elopement,  cocktail, dinner, first dance,
dinner opening.

Private evening: family meal, birthday, or to plan a surprise.

Professional event:Gala evening, product launch, seminar, dinner.

Fashion and other performances: photo shoot, fashion show, music video, studio musician,
film and TV soundtracks, figuration, classical concert, creation of a musical atmosphere
adapted to your brand, and public events.  


Estelle Monnot Event

violinist elopement paris.jpg

Jennifer Fox Weddings

Les Secrets d'Audrey Paris

Euterpe Violinist


"Sensitivity emotions romanticism"


"The splendours of Versailles"
Reason To Book

Euterpe will bring the French Refinement to your event

Provide themed characters, dancers, Baroque or modern music


Virtuoso violinist dressed in a high-end historical costume from the 18th century Marie-Antoinette, For an immersive performance at the Château d'Ermenonville in France. Event organized by CTH event Paris

marie antoinette show chateau.jpg


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