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violin & piano duo

To give a chic piano bar mood to your prestigious event, opt for the violin and piano duo. A complete
formation with rich sonorities and a very wide repertoire. Muses with undeniable talents will carry
you into a world of delicacy and elegance. The depth of the piano, combined with the virtuosity and
musicality of the violin will make your event a unique moment.

Why choose a Violin and Piano Duo?

Are you organizing an official ceremony? Choose this formation that can play for you classical music or other musical repertoires.




Are you organizing a public concert? We offer a program of film music, classical music, or a
concert with a wide variety of offers available at your choosing.

To accompany your reception, cocktail, or dinner.·   This composition will fit perfectly, by its eclectic and hand-picked repertoire.





More offers! According to your needs:

• We have our digital piano.
• We have our sound equipment and sound engineer.
• We can rent a grand piano.




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