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Her journey

Talented violinist, multidisciplinary artist, and producer of live performances. Tatévik began her violin training at the age of 6 at the prestigious P.I. Tchaikovsky School of Music in Yerevan (Armenia), where a decade later, she obtained the National Diploma of Performer unanimously.
Looking forward to improving the mastery of her craft, she continued her training in France, first at the Conservatoire of Lyon and that of Limoges, then at the Centre of Superior Musical Studies of Poitiers where she obtained as a high-level artist-performer The Diplôme National Supérieur Professionnel du Musicien (DNSPM) bachelor's degree, the State Diploma of Violin Teacher (DE) and the bachelor’s degree in Musicology of the University of Poitiers.
Eager to learn, she was lucky enough to receive lessons and advice from a host of musical stars, by internationally renowned musicians such as Claire Bernard, François-Marie Drieux, Armén Harutunyan, Marianne Piketty, Olivier Charlier, Bernard Cavana, Jean-François Heisser, Anne Queffelec, the Wanderer trio, and the Danel quartet.
Tatévik also addressed the interpretation of classical and romantic repertoires on period instruments, with prestigious conductors at the orchestra of the Abbey aux Dames.

Musique live captivante d'une violoniste talentueuse, parfaite pour célébrer des moments spéciaux.
Her Experience as a Classical Violinist
With more than fifty concerts a year to her credit, through numerous participations in festivals, and winner of numerous prizes awarded at these festivals, holder of a merit scholarship from an early age, her artistic career has taken her to many international concert halls.
She has performed on major stages in Russia, Armenia, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, and France (Opera Theatre of Limoges, Theatre Auditorium of Poitiers, Theatre of the Champs-Élysées, Theatre Molière, Bourse du Travail in Lyon, Auditorium of Bordeaux), and in many other theatres, castles, and prestigious places, but also during recordings in studios and TV sets.
Performance envoûtante d'une violoniste professionnel pour une agence événementielle, ajoutant une touche musicale d'élégance.
Multidisciplinary artist

In parallel with her career as a classical musician, she develops other skills including arrangement,
improvisation, and production, of both contemporary and traditional music.
As an eclectic artist, she mixes universes and creates bridges between classical and modern music.
Her virtuosity and great musicality allow her to share with her audience with great fluidity both the
works of Brahms, as well as Ed Sheeran’s latest hit.
Passionate about art in general, her creativity and versatility in several fields have led her to draw
and paint, practice singing, dance, and theatre, create stage costumes for prestigious events and
work for the National Television of Armenia as a presenter and musician.
Tatévik plays on an Italian violin of the 19th century R. Panizzutti.
She also plays on a Yamaha SV140 electric violin.

Passionate about the orchestra, she regularly plays with the Regional Orchestra of the Limoges Opera
House, the Sanxay Lyrical Opera House, the Amadeus pro Musica, the Colonne Orchestra in Paris,
and other professional orchestras (JOA, OPC, Forum Sinfonietta) under the baton of renowned chefs
such as Antonello Allemandi, Daniel Kawka, Laurent Petitgirard,Jean-François Heisser, Robert Tuohy and Fayçal Kkaroui.
Since 2016, Tatévik has been appointed violin teacher at the Conflans-Sainte-Honorine Conservatory.

Euterpe Violinist


"Sensitivity emotions romanticism"
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