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wedding & event music electric violinist or acoustic violinist


Euterpe Violinist

"Sensitivity emotions romanticism"

Why choose a Solo Violin?

  • Intimate event? Give a touch of romanticism and melody to your event.

  • Outdoor event, in the city or when it is not possible to install several musicians? When opting for a solo violin, the musician will play the melodies of the most popular tunes in the repertoire of scholarly music (classical, baroque, romantic, and modern), or at your choosing a selection of modern music (pop, rock, film music, world music).

M&L proposal_Paris_Daria Lorman Photography_62.jpg

Marriage proposal in Paris, on the Port Debilly, event organized by CTH EVENT PARIS

  • Mariage Proposal ? Do you want to give a touch of romance to your proposal, to your wedding lunch, or dinner, or to plan a surprise? The violin is by nature one of the most romantic instruments, which can transmit the deepest and most sensitive emotions.  
chateau_france_proposal_violinist_vaux le vicompte.jpg

Demande en mariage au château de vaux le vicomte en France, organisé par ADAGION STUDIO

  • To accompany the singing of your religious ceremony at the church.


Secular ceremony at the Hotel Shangri-La Paris, Organized by Perfect Paris Wedding  , Piere & Julia Photography

Gala dinner, cocktail party, large event? The violinist with her electric violin will give a touch of elegance and will mark the minds through her virtuosity and talent.

Background music during the dinner or a show with a few acts on a soundtrack. Our formula is turnkey and includes the performance of the violinist, the complete sound system, the installation as well as the presence of a sound engineer. With her breathtaking outfits and her stage presence, she will certainly make an impression. It is also possible to accompany the Show with the presence of ballet or modern dance performers.

  • For an event in a historical place, a castle, a journey through time? The violinist will perform period music, such as Renaissance, Baroque, Medieval or Classical, in period costumes, playing her electric or classical violin. Should you prefer modern contemporary music Euterpe can contrast its performance in historical costume by bringing a touch of modernity.


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