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Customized Show production in france


We are constantly looking for new ideas, and new programs to offer our customers, memorable
artistic experiences, full of emotions and unforgettable. Our company of artists and artisans offers
high-level cultural experiences reflecting their respective sensibilities and careers as well as their
We give primordial importance to the quality of the relationship between our artists and clients to
offer a performance that matches in the smallest detail your expectations, your brand, and your
and that is adapted in every way to suit your needs.


VIOLIN AND CLASSICAL DANCE LIVE SHOW DURING THE OPENING OF THE WEDDING DINNER AT THE Shangri-La Paris Hotel. Wedding planner: Estelle MONNOT EVENT / The Paris Photographer / Evening entertainment: Euterpe Paris Team

What type of events our Shows can accompany?

  • WEDDING: Our shows can accompany the opening of the dinner, the interlude before the
    , the dinner itself, the first dance, and other highlights. We offer events including
    classical dancers, in historical or thematic costumes, for solo performances, duos, trios, and

  • Corporate events: Seminars, product launch, gala evening, fashion show, dinner, company evening... We offer interactive concerts, Shows combining music and theatre, and custom creations linked to your brand or related to the theme of your event.

  • Private Event: During a dinner, a reception, a VIP event, a private concert in a castle, a
    visit, or a gastronomic tasting…

  • Public Event: Thematic, multidisciplinary concert, young audience show, ceremonies,
    and more...


Our creative workshop offers you an enchanted dimension filled with costumes,
headdresses, jewelry, accessories, feathers, fabrics, ribbons, and wigs...


Quality fabrics, clothing details, embroidery, and decors tell the story of EUTERPE’s passionfor craftsmanship and its sumptuous fondness.


All costumes, jewelry and accessories are created in our workshop. By the talented seamstress and embroiderer Anna and designer, jewelry  & accessories embroiderer Tatevik .

And Our team of multi-talented men Edgar and Samuel as a Live Sound designer, sets and more.

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The immersive Timeless experience


By traveling with precision and passion through the centuries, Euterpe Paris offers you unforgettable journeys through time.
Euterpe combines history and modernity with ease, offering immersive performances in costumes representing fashion trends of the 15th, 18th, and 19th centuries. We offer to dress our musicians, dancers, and comedians in solo, duet, trio, or any other performance of your choosing.

Private concert in an exceptional setting: At the Chateau de Chambord in France, acoustic violin soloist dressed in a Renaissance dress


Live music and classical dance

Violin & Ballerinas Show

Violin & Ballerinas Show

Lire la vidéo

For each event, we create a musical program specially dedicated to the performance. Lovers of
classics, but also passionate about creating new works, we can interpret excerpts from timeless
classical ballets, such as "Swan Lake" , "The Nutcracker", "Romeo and Juliet" as well as create for you
tailor-made performances from contemporary music such as Sia’s "Chandelier", "La vie en rose"

by Edith Piaff or other titles selected for your event. All choreographed pieces are carefully designed
and beautifully costumed
, to add a touch of romance and magic to each performance.


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